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I am a Black-trained and fully certified full-spectrum doula on a mission to help birthers reach their healthiest, happiest, and most full potential when it comes to their birth goals and dreams. From a public health & healthcare professional, doula, lactation education counselor, sister, daughter, and mom - I am here to help you celebrate this life in whatever way I can!

In good health,


Birthing Room

Now accepting Medi-Cal!

Doula Taylor and her young son
Doula Taylor and her son


Taylor Louise Miller, MPH

Doula & Lactation Education Counselor

Hi! Welcome to Louise Doula Services (for short). I am Taylor, founder of this small Black-owned doula business. I am so excited you have come by to see what I do, and even more excited for you to see the impact positive holistic birth work and education can do to empower possibly your next birth!

I am a mom to a little two-year-old toddler! I am currently a Lactation Education Counselor and a trained doula (almost complete certification). I have my Bachelor's Degree in Public Health with a minor in Deaf Education from San Jose State University, and more recently a Master of Public Health specializing in health promotion. Please follow my journey and periodically come back for updated or added services, and more expansive health consultation and educator work!

I love what I do and I am here to support you on your journey with your little one, your family, and motherhood however that looks like for you! I am truly honored to serve you in whatever capacity I can.


1 on 1 Doula Sessions
in Private, Group Sessions, Health Educator, Health Panelist, Consultations and Workshops


Doula Plans Offered

Click here to look at the doula plans I currently offer. More will be offered at later times. Please note that if you are interested in doula-specific services, a consultation must be booked first. For those who may have a problem paying for the initial consultation fee, please contact me directly via

Consultations & Classes

Here you can see any virtual or in-person classes I am hosting! You can also book and get any information about booking me on this page! This page also includes some individual doula services.

Days as a doula & a community health worker

"You just helped deliver my baby!"

*pictures are in compliance with HIPAA as consent for pictures were asked and graciously granted!

Picture of 4 oz of breast milk pumped from one of my clients
Group Picture of Health Cooking Class Group
Fetal Monitoring Picture
Doula Taylor after she helped a mom who just gave birth
At San Jose's Black Family Day


Due to my educational background and racial/ethnic background, I have some areas where I specialize in. I want to be able to best serve the people who feel the most connected to me. In my healthcare background, I have served a huge variety of people from different backgrounds, abilities, races, and religions. These are areas I may hold these specializations listed, but it is not an exhaustive list of groups worked with. You will never be turned down because you may not fit into these categories, but I want to leave this space also opened for these traditionally marginalized groups.

With Kindness,


Happy Family

African American & Black Cultural Care

Mother with a Mask

Young Mothers

Routine Checkup

Moms w/preexisting chronic health conditions

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